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SwedTALK: Fashion Tech - The Key to a Sustainable Future Within Fashion?

On December 3 2020 our CEO Pontus Karlsson and CTO Daniel Viklund will participate in a discussion about the role and importance of tech and data in the journey to make fashion more sustainable. The talk is moderated by Lauren Boucher from Redress and is part of a series of events during the year under the name SwedTALKS on Sustainable Fashi... Read More

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Product Updates October 2020

We are now in the last quarter of 2020 which means the end of the year is near. Last month we wrote about our new "End of Project" report format and have since received a lot of good feedback. One of the more common requests was the ability to have this data available continuously throughout the quality process, which we totally under... Read More

Monthly update sep

Product Updates September 2020

The summer is coming to its end and with it, the majority of the fall/winter collections have been shipped. Attention is now being shifted to Sales and Retail to deliver during the tough times that is this year. As is evident across the entire industry, cost cutting is a big focus for many companies and when staff is being cut, it i... Read More


Happy Rabbit Adapts Its Service Offer to Meet COVID-19 Challenges

The garment industry is no stranger to interruptions caused by unforeseen global or local events. The current COVID-19 pandemic is however set to have implications that extend well into coming seasons and even change for good the way we source, develop and deliver product in the future.

With the si... Read More

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Happy Rabbit Announces Public Launch of Web Portal

Today, Happy Rabbit Limited, a fashion supply chain services provider operating since 2007, has opened up its web portal to the industry. Its sophisticated tool stack, developed originally for internal use to manage existing customer accounts, is now accessible to new customers on a range of low-commitment plans,... Read More