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We are on a journey with our customers to improve the fashion industry’s sustainability record.
Style by style and process by process.

Destination: Sustainable Innovation

The equivalent of 1 garbage truck of textiles is landfilled every second. Unsold product, short life product and unrecycled product are major contributing factors. We work to reduce waste through excellent quality management, use of leftover materials and the promotion of recyclable materials and garments.

Chemical use, pollution and water and energy consumption: We all know the stats.
We are committed to sourcing and developing sustainable materials (including, but not limited to, recycled and organic fabrics) as well as partnering with vendors that employ more sustainable practices.

Shifting just 1 percent of orders from shipping to airfreight causes a 35% increase in carbon emissions. Inefficient development processes and inadequate production tracking contributes to the large amount of airfreight the fashion industry is responsible for. We help our customers optimise their planning and development to reduce the number of shipments by air and improve their packing to eliminate dead space.


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