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Product Updates September 2020

Monthly Update Sep

The summer is coming to its end and with it, the majority of the fall/winter collections have been shipped. Attention is now being shifted to Sales and Retail to deliver during the tough times that is this year. As is evident across the entire industry, cost cutting is a big focus for many companies and when staff is being cut, it is inevitable that strategic work will take the back seat compared to all the fire fighting that goes on.

With that in mind, we have prepared a new and improved "End of Project" report to aid you in your Quality Assurance work.

End of Project Report

The new report is distributed as a PDF file but can also be browsed on our web portal based on personal preference. The content of the report includes:

  • Overall project summaries. Details the number of orders, inspections, etc. and total results in terms of pass rate and no. of defects.
  • Cost of Quality. A new QA concept that we are pioneering in an effort to bring attention to not only the visible costs of having good quality, but also the less tangible costs of having bad quality (loss or sales, customer returns, etc.).
  • Defect tracing. Monitor and follow up on defects found during different stages of production to show ability to action on instructions and prevent re-occurring problems.
  • Vendor breakdown. All KPIs presented available by vendor as well, creating comparisons both between vendors as well as project average.
  • Account Manager analyses. For customers on a payment plan, the report also includes a review of key performances during the project, with recommendations of follow-up actions where necessary.
End of Season Report

If you are one of the recipients of this report, please let us know what you think!