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Product Updates October 2020

Monthly Update Oct

We are now in the last quarter of 2020 which means the end of the year is near. Last month we wrote about our new "End of Project" report format and have since received a lot of good feedback. One of the more common requests was the ability to have this data available continuously throughout the quality process, which we totally understand.

I can now inform you that we have taken action on this and integrated several of those report KPIs into a new, more accessible dashboard layout.

Fresh Dashboard Design

If you visited our Portal recently, you might already have seen the fresh dashboard, available on the landing page. It is designed to give you a quick glance of the latest numbers available to you.

  • Responsive layout. Designed to be viewed from both mobile and larger screen views.
  • Scopeable. Changable scopes to quickly review the data based on different time frames.
  • Interactive. Graphs that responds to touch and click for better user experience
Fresh Dashboard Design