We are a sourcing organization active in the development and production of fabric, apparel, footwear and accessories for high profile brands from the premium fashion and lifestyle segment. As a strategic partner, we are offering a holistic sourcing solution, also including in-house product design, development and QC services. We consider ourselves a ‘Fashion Bureau’.


Being headquartered in Hong Kong, we are strategically located in proximity to our extensive network of vendors in China and South East Asia. Being ‘where it happens’, our international team combines extensive experiences from both the buying and manufacturing side of the industry with longstanding qualifications in design and brand management, giving us a rare and attractive position on the market.


The brands that choose to work with us are all unique, with a distinct set of needs. However, they all share the requirement for high quality products, services and the growing need of finding vendors compliant to their standards and ethics.
We understand what it takes for brands to be successful in a market that is getting more competitive by the day, without neglecting the bottom line.


We are working with a carefully selected network of high quality vendors that we are constantly developing, assessing and expanding to meet the high standards of our clients.
A crucial criterion in the selection of those long-term partners is the willingness and ability to develop with us, and the brands we work with, in order to meet the requirements of tomorrow.