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Happy Rabbit is a fashion supply chain service provider that helps forward-thinking companies to meet tomorrow’s requirements through digital transformation and automation of best practice.

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2% of material going into the clothing system is sent to landfill or incineration from garments that are manufactured, yet never reach the consumer. With good Quality Assurance processes backed by defect tracking and data, you can recognize inconsistencies and react to problems more flexibly, even before they occur.

Good for your bottom line as well as the planet.

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We work with varying sized companies from established brands through to startups and SMEs.
Here’s a selection of present and past clients.

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Fashion appears to be digitized and connected, yet every day in the pursuit of Speed to Market, the Fashion Industry makes decisions worth US$ 8.2 billion based on insufficient, outdated and/or incorrect information.

Our customers make better decisions because we make their data work for them.

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Through Zapier, we integrate with the apps you use every day. Link your apps together with a few clicks, pass info between them with automated workflows, and build processes faster to get more done - no code required.

Integrate with the above apps or any of the other 1,500 + apps available through Zapier.



We’re always busy either thinking about or working on projects that will radically change the way the industry works. We are making an impact on the future of fashion tech, quality and sustainability and we’d love to talk to you about any project or idea, big or small.

Here are some of our current obsessions:

1. RFID All the Way

RFID tech has been around for a while but its potential to streamline processes and connect data has not been fully realized due to limited use cases. We’re keen to change that by putting RFID labels in ALL our material and garment samples and prototypes at each stage from development through to production and quality control. 

We’re looking for organized, tech-driven partners that see things the way we do. Could this be you?

2. End-to-End Quality Tracking

We don’t take the usual “fire-fighting” approach to quality. Instead, we think holistically about it. Our goal is to be able to track and communicate quality performance data between supply chain partners in a consistent way right from the risk assessment stage, through production and all the way to customer returns.

We’re now looking for partners that share the same vision and would like to help us get this project off the ground.

3. Going Circular

We’re not satisfied with creating product that is “more” sustainable. We want to focus on end of life, to go beyond the use of organic and recycled materials and commercialize a fully recyclable and/or biodegradable collection of apparel.

Easier said than done, but we’re up for the challenge! Are you?

4. Digital Twin

Industry 4.0 is happening. Keeping a Digital Twin of your products is now a prerequisite for success. The new way of working requires that data is standardized and aggregated throughout a transparent and aligned supply chain.

We’re searching for avant-garde partners that want to lead this revolution.

5. Fast Supply Chain

Having access to quality data means that it doesn’t require much effort, commitment or risk to set up a fast supply chain capable of turning around orders within just a couple of weeks.

We are looking for partners interested in speed without compromising on quality and sustainability.

6. Global QC

We invite customers to challenge us to extend our permanent QC operations to other parts of Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.

Are you interested in any of the above or do you have any other interesting challenges for us?

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