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We guarantee a seamless transition from development through bulk production to delivery through a local presence supported by quality, accessible data.

Our Platform makes it easy for factories to communicate updates on a detailed level and for our customers to visualise the impact of any changes and react in good time.

No more nasty surprises, just Happy Bunnies.

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Production Handovers

Style, material and order-related data is kept digital and centralised from the beginning of the development process all the way to the pre-production meeting, in line and end line inspections. Strict version control ensures that information is always updated and accurate. Key information is easily accessible by all parties at the point of production handover, ensuring that nothing is missed or incorrect:

  • Fabric data sheets (FDS)
  • Tech packs
  • Test reports
  • Material inspection reports
  • WIP tracking
  • Inspection guidelines/manual
  • Approved samples (material and garment) tagged with QR code
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Our regional teams work closely with both tier 1 and tier 2 vendors to ensure that the production schedule and Critical Path is clear, workable and maintained.

  • Time & Action (TNA)
  • Processing of POs
  • Materials consolidation reports
  • PP Meetings
  • WIP reporting
  • 1st off bulk inspection
  • End line inspection
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Our Partner Portal

Get production status updates, track deliveries and quantities and access detailled analytics for unparalleled insights into your supply chain. No more old-school spreadsheets or clogged inboxes. Everything you need for effective collaboration and timely, informed decision making in one place.

  • Critical Path monitoring
  • All documents in one place – Tech packs, Fabric data sheets, Pre production notes, QC file etc
  • WIP templates – based on product type 
  • Dashboard visualisation of data – with customisable views 
  • Analytics tools such as delivery tracking, historical comparison, supplier or material views etc
  • Notifications, triggered based on your preferences – eg delivery update, material delay etc
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With Zapier you can connect to 1,500+ apps and automate your workflow. Here’s a list of our current and planned Triggers and Actions:


  • Updated WIP Item – triggers when a WIP Item has been updated. IN BETA.


  • Create WIP Item – Creates a new WIP Item. For example from a new PO placed in your ERP system of choice. IN BETA .
  • Update WIP Item – Updates details of an existing WIP Item. IN BETA.


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