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Tagged by: Sustainability

Gca 2020 winners

H&M Foundation Global Change Award 2020 Winners Announced

Yesterday, the H&M Foundation announced the winners of its 2020 Global Change Award, an annual award established in 2015 to promote sustainability and circularity in the fashion industry. Referred to as the “Nobel Prize of Fashion”, the GCA identifies and catalyses early stage innovations with the potential to redefine the industry and contribute towards creating a sustainable fashion future.


H&M Group Appoints Helena Helmersson as New CEO

Well done to H&M group for appointing Helena Helmersson as CEO! Anyone who has followed her career achievements will agree that this decision is a no-brainer: As head of Sustainability at H&M she implemented ground-breaking and award-winning initiatives to integrate sustainability into the H&M business, paving the way for other brands to follow suit.

Wireframe hangtag

McKinsey Predicts Challenging Road Ahead for Small and Mid-sized Fashion Players as Digitization and Sustainability Top the List of Challenges for 2020

The State of Fashion 2020 report published this week by McKinsey & Co in partnership with Business of Fashion, predicts fashion industry growth of just 3-4% in 2020 amid slowing global economic growth and continued uncertainty.

In light of this rather gloomy outlook, the report suggests that “successful companies will be the ones that ….. work out how to improve productivity while ensuring operational and financial flexibility”.

Its survey of 290 global fashion executives highlighted sustainability and digitization as key challenges that also represent sizeable opportunities.  So where does this leave small and mid-sized companies for whom investment in comprehensive digital solutions and larger-scale R&D activities is not an option?