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Work out the inspection sample size and number of allowable defects based on different AQL and inspection criteria

AQL is widely used in the garment industry as a cost-effective and reliable way to predict the defect rate of a shipment as a whole and is a methodology that is preferred to 100% final inspection due to time and cost savings.

Our tool allows you to input your AQL specifications for a specific lot as well as the lot size and immediately calculate the required sample size for an inspection and number of allowable major and minor defects. This is the first step in understanding the cost of conducting quality control inspections on your POs.

What is the cost of quality for your POs?

We charge per Manday needed to execute the inspections.  This will depend on the sample size requirements for your lots.  We can guide you through a simple calculation process to estimate the required Mandays. You'll get an estimate back within 24 hours.